Life as an 'Illegal' Rock Star in Iran's Islamic State

BBC News, 2014

Profile of The Muckers, a rock band in Tehran who wants to build a rock history for Iran and convince their peers that it is perfectly in sync with modern Iranian culture to play indie rock.


Why So Many Homeless People in the US Are LGBT

BBC News, 2013

Up to 40 percent of young homeless people in the US are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The BBC traveled to Detroit where some of them have sought shelter.


Can Toronto Predict Best Film Winner at Oscar's Again?

BBC News, 2013

Toronto is abuzz for the annual international film festival, where the winner of the People's Choice Award the past many years has gone on to triumph at the Academy Awards a few months later.


New York Graffiti Landmark Faces Demolition

BBC News, 2013

For 20 years, Five Point in Long Island City has been one of the world's prime legal outdoor graffiti spaces. But soon artists may have to take their spray cans somewhere else.


Detroit's Lust for Loud

BBC News, 2013

Steve Miller, author of Detroit Rock City, on the music stars beyond Motown, which makes Motor City the loudest place in the US.  


Jeppe vs. Mikkel: Brothers in Brew

BBC News, 2013

Two Danish twins in a lifelong battle to outdo each other take on America from opposite coasts of the country with their respective breweries, Mikkeller and Evil Twin.


How'd he do that?

BBC News, 2013

Houdini and the history of magic through centuries.


Wife Stuff

BBC News, 2013

The secret lives of the women behind the first Nasa astronauts.


Splendid Isolation

BBC News, 2013

Was Charles Lindbergh a Nazi sympathiser?


After Tragedy, Harlem Trainer Returns To Boxing With New Talent

The Uptowner, 2013

After a tragedy in the ring, trainer Barry Gibson retreated into isolation. But he's returned, with young local talent under his wings.